THE BRASS - Desperation 7"

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With one boot firmly planted in an urban setting of industrial decline and the other kicking through a landscape of desperation and loss, THE BRASS deliver 4 tracks of some of the best oi! to come out of NYC in a long time. Picking up where their Rugged Cross demo left off, this bruising debut EP takes everything you like about the savage growls of early Boston hardcore and combines it with the tough, dark melodies of French oi! bands like CAMERA SILENS. Clay’s unrestrained vocals compliment a brutish soundtrack that is appropriately unhinged, on edge and ready to pull you out of your safe apartment and throw you into the dark streets of New York City.

2nd Press! Blood Red Vinyl limited to 100

Track Listing:

1) Desperation
2) American Ghetto
3) Solid Ground
4) Unite and Conquer

Desperation EP by The Brass

Desperation EP by The Brass