TOKEN ENTRY - From Beneath the Streets LP

Image of TOKEN ENTRY - From Beneath the Streets LP


Awesome reissue courtesy of Mad At the World Records.

In the mid to late 80’s Token Entry was part of the New York Hardcore scene, but more importantly to me, they were part of the Queens hardcore scene. Along with such bands as Kraut, Antidote, Urban Waste, The Mob and Murphy’s Law. They supported and nurtured other young bands, like the New York Hoods and Gorilla Biscuits. Token Entry practiced what it preached, and gave GB its first show at CBGB’s. There endless support taught us to continue the tradition of helping the younger generations of bands. There fashion legacy lives on in the minds of the people who were there. Because you can never forget Johnny’s mullet, Anthony’s braided pony tail, and Nick’s green Dr. martens with matching Benetton shirt.
Civ – Gorilla Biscuits


1. Intro
2. Revelation
3. Psycho
4. Antidote
5. Latent Images
6. Think About It
7. Over You
8. Actions
9. The Edge
10. Forbidden Zone
11. Look Around
12. Decide
13. Death Row
14. Tragic Magic