THE UNDERDOGS - The Punk Demos Collection LP

Image of THE UNDERDOGS - The Punk Demos Collection LP


THE UNDERDOGS were a crackin' UK82 band from Leeds. Fans of their single on Riot City will be pleasantly surprised by the more melodic tracks from their two brilliant demos recorded between 1982-83. Some of these might even rival their most famous tune "East of Dachau". 34 years later Common People Records proudly presents for the first time on vinyl these two demos and the Riot City single. All tracks were remastered in 2015. Limited edition to 520 copies - Spanish Import.

Track Listing:

1. Never Gonna Give Up
2. Love in a Hate Bomb
3. Private Wars
4. Make it Last
5. Self Preservation Society
6. Rebel
7. East of Dachau
8. Johnny Go Home
9. Vietnam
10. Boys Will be Boys
11. Late Starter
12. Big Brother
13. Dead Soldier
14. Paint it Red
15. Good Bye