FATIGUE - Dog Bodies 7"

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Brand new 3-song EP from this bruising Bay Area band, and on this recording they pretty much complete the transition from being a hardcore band into being a straight-up oi! band. Of course it's delivered with the heaviness and power typical of bands on the Warthog Speak label, but with its pop-oriented song structures and emphasis on vocal melody this reminds me less of an US hardcore band I can think of and more of the toughest early UK oi! like RED ALERT, the 4 SKINS, and the like. File this along with CROWN COURT and RIXE as some of the only oi! revival music out there that's worth your time. Also love the packaging on this one... the red vinyl with the one-color, die-cut pocket sleeve is quite nice.
- Sorry State

Track Listing:

1) Dog Bodies
2) Alone
3) Outlander

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